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Beautiful, Sweet, Delicate (flute, viola, harp)

Beautiful, Sweet, Delicate was commissioned by Katherine Borst Jones and Cosmos and premiered by that ensemble in spring 2006. Jones received her undergraduate degree from the University of New Hampshire and presently serves as Professor of Flute at Ohio State University. In that capacity, she has continued to maintain close ties to her alma mater, including teaching several former UNH students as they pursued graduate work. It was, therefore, a natural connection for me to compose a work for her and her wonderful trio, Cosmos. The title of the finished work came well after the completion of the piece. In fact, I spent several days searching for some sort of phrase or word that would reflect my original musical objective. Finally, I gave up and simply titled the work using three words that seemed to reveal my intent, to compose something that was beautiful, sweet, and delicate.

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