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Four Suits for Jacob (Grade 4)

Four Suits for Jacob was commissioned by Mark Tessereau and the Belleville (IL) East High School Bands in memory of Jacob Kellogg, a student in their program who had passed away. The piece is intended to be a fun and happy piece, representative of Jacob’s character. It includes several elements that relate specifically to Jacob. The basic underlying rhythm for the piece is related to a popular song that Jacob loved. There are sections in the piece that rise over the course of several measures, reflecting Jacob’s love of climbing. The tom-toms, shaker, and guitar are featured prominently as they were instruments Jacob played. Finally, the entire structure of the piece is based on the fact that Jacob always carried a deck of cards with him everywhere he went. The piece is divided into four sections, each reflecting the nature of a corresponding suit: Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds. Every member of the ensemble also uses a deck of cards as an additional percussive element, and the piece concludes with a visually dramatic fifty-two card pick-up.

Four Suits For Jacob
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