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Semplice (grade 3)

Semplice was composed to honor Miriam Jensen upon her retirement from Wachusett (MA) Regional High School and premiered in the spring of 2016. The idea for the commission came from her colleagues in the music department and the process began when my friend Sherri Der Kazarian asked if I might be able to write a piece to surprise Miriam at the final music event of the year. I have known both Miriam and Sherri for many, many years and this was truly an opportunity I couldn't refuse. Miriam was one of the finest music educators in New England and it was an honor for me to be involved with this musical "thank you" from her colleagues and former students.


My goal with the piece was to compose a work that was simple, lyrical and beautiful. Miriam was an oboe player, so that instrument is featured prominently throughout, but the work also includes significant parts for flugelhorn and solo cello.

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