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Concert Band-Grade 4

Performance notes, recordings and purchase information can be accessed for both published and manuscript compositions by clicking on the link.  


42nd North Parallel March (2018, manuscript)

Alchemy (2008, Kjos)

All Creatures of Our God and King (2017, manuscript)


All Hail the Power, movement III. Dance ( 2001, C. Alan Publications)


Alleluia for Band and Choir (2000, manuscript)


Angel of Death (2010, manuscript)


The Bells (2010, manuscript)


Blue and White Dance (2011, Kjos)


Branden's Rainbow (1997, Kjos)


By My Side (2014, Kjos)

Cape Elizabeth Sketches (2011, manuscript)


Casus Belli (2018, manuscript)

Centennial Fanfare (1995, manuscript)


Coming Home (2012, manuscript)


Converging Channels (2008, manuscript)


Conversations with the Night (1991, Kjos)


The Craftsman's Dance (1998, manuscript)


The Devil's Triangle (2011, manuscript)

Diamond Jubilee Suite (2018, manuscript)

Evening Prayer (2018, manuscript)


Fantasy on a Theme by Sousa (2003, Kjos)


Fanfare: In Memoriam  (2002, Kjos)


Fortress Fanfare (2009, manuscript)


Four Suits for Jacob (2011, manuscript)

A Glimpse Through the Trees (2014, manuscript)


Grant Them Eternal Rest (2001, Kjos)


Heart Music (2014, manuscript)


Heirloom (2009, manuscript)


I Am (1990, Kjos)


Illinois for band, orchestra, and chorus (2008, arr. manuscript)


In Flanders Fields for soloist and band (2017, Kjos)


In the Beginning (2013, manuscript)


It finds an echo in my soul... (2009, manuscript)


The Journey Home (2015, Kjos)


Kirkpatrick Fanfare (1999, Wingert-Jones)

Klang (2019, Kjos)

The Lakes (2020, manuscript)


Lullaby for baritone, winds, and percussion (1999, manuscript)


Little White Lines (2008, manuscript)


Ludwig's Dream (2017, manuscript)

Memorial (Prelude and Passacaglia on "Auld Lang Syne") (2022, manuscript)


The Murderer and the Architect (2014, manuscript)


October Dance (2013, manuscript)


Only Light (2017, manuscript)


A Prayer in Spring (2014, manuscript)


Scherzo No. 2 (2013, Kjos)


Seas Between Us (2010, manuscript)


Shades of Ivory (1996, C. Alan Publications)


Snowflakes Dancing (2012, Kjos) 

Song for Martha (2023, manuscript)


Song for My Children (2013, Kjos)

Song for My Parents (2019, manuscript)


Song for Lyndsay (2006, Masters Music)


A Song of Loudest Praise (2006, Kjos)


Song of the Sea Maidens (2006, Kjos)


Spin (2012, manuscript)

Star-Crossed (2013, manuscript)

Super Nova (2023, manuscript)


Symphony No. 4 for winds and percussion (2003, Kjos)


Thy Shepherd's Voice (2012, manuscript)


Time Streams (after Tricycle) (2007, Kjos) 


Variations on "Christ the Solid Rock" (2013, manuscript)

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